Castles to visit in Germany

You will find a number of castles situated in Germany. But have you ever wondered why so many of them are there?? To know this you will have to take a tour to the middle ages of this country. Back then Germany was divided into many small states. These states were governed by kings, dukes, bishops and the earls. Over the centuries this division increased and to rule these territories leaders built castles.

Mainly these castles were constructed to control those areas and to defend from the enemies. This can be clearly understood from the locations of these castles. Most of them are built beside the trading routes or at the top of the mountains. These castles were also used as the fortress and administrative centre. Over the centuries these castles were changed, redesigned and expanded. But they will still fascinate you with their enchanting appearance. And that’s the reason why so many tourists come for the castle attraction in Germany. Here I will describe some of these castles which are still popular among the tourists for their beauty.

The Neuschwanstein Castle

One of the most popular tourist places in Germany which are also the most famous royal palace at the Bavarian Alps in Germany. This is one of the few castles which were not built for defence purpose. Instead, it was the dream castle of the king Ludwig II who is also known as the Swan King because of his love for the swan scenes of Opera written by Richard Wagner. It is said that the king reared a deep admiration for this great composer. Ludwig II’s passion reflects from the third floor’s decoration of this palace. This floor is specially decorated with dazzling and enchanting chandeliers only for the opera shows. The construction was begun in 1869 but it remained unfinished at the death of the king. The palace is not only decorated beautifully but also built with some amazing features. The running water at the each floor, internal heating system and toilets with automatic flushing show us the sign of advanced architectural works of that time.

But the fact that has made this the most popular and photographed castle in Germany for its being the inspiration of Walt Disney’s. Sleeping Beauty’s castle shown at the movie is created based on the designs of this castle.

Burg Eltz

The castle is shown in the movie “ The Ninth Castle” is situated close to the river Moselle. Between the Trier and Koblenz, the castle is situated on a huge rock in the midst of the forests. The speciality of this castle is it has never been touched by war. And so the castle still holds it unique mediaeval architectural beauty. It was built in the 12th century and have a rich collection of silver and gold artefacts, jewellery, armoury etc. You will also find original furnishings from the 12th century ornamenting the castle even today.

Mespelbrunn Castle

This water castle was built in the early 15th century. The castle is simple and different from other castles in Germany. Though it lacks the special gingerbread look of old castles in Germany it’s considered as one of the loveliest castles. Though the castle is now a private property, tourists can enjoy a tour here.

Apart from these castles, there are Reichsburg Cochem, Wartburg Castle, Lichtenstein Castle, Schwerin Castle, Heidelberg Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle, Hohenzollern Castle and much more to visit. You will enjoy the royal beauty of these castles. The ‘fairy tale’ feeling during the visit will make your trip